Be Seen. Make Contacts. Save Souls.


Using 21st-century technology to share  a 
1st-century Gospel.

How Can We Help?

Using time-tested online strategies, we work with churches to improve their online presence to reach people in their local communities with the Gospel.

Web Design

No two churches are the same, so no two church websites should look the same either. We work with churches to develop a site that is reflective of their demographic, but reverent towards the God we serve.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it's called, is the art of getting websites to rank high in search results. More visibility means more contacts, which (prayerfully) leads to more Bible studies and more souls being saved.

Paid Ads

We believe in long-term growth, but sometimes, you need to put some juice behind your marketing efforts. Paid ads platforms like Google and Facebook can be money pits if you're not familiar with the system. Fortunately for you, we are.

Social Media

Facebook has over three billion active users. Youtube has two billion. If your church isn't harnessing these types of resources to share the Gospel, you're missing out on an enormous opportunity to reach the lost.

Churches We Serve

Digital evangelism is a long-term commitment, and we only work with churches that are serious about evangelism. Here are a few.

"We are amazed at the difference!"

"Diakonos Marketing took our website to a whole new level. We are impressed and pleased with their work."